Music composition app for creative people​

A music theory and songwriting app. Explore chords and discover related chords on the fly. Once you’ve found a nice chord sequence, drag and drop chords into your song to build your composition upon it.

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For musicians,

of every skill level

As a learning tool

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a music theory expert. This app will help you to become familiar with scales, modes and progressions!

As a tool for producers and musicians

Digital audio workstations offer producers very limited musical theory functionalities. Horucco will help you find interesting harmonies in a fast and easy way.

To use on the go or in the studio

Horucco is always with you on your phone, so that you’ll never miss the opportunity to make the most of those magical moments of creativity.

Our Core Features

Keyboard on top

On top of the screen there is always a keyboard to help you understand how chords are played

Voicings system

Change octave of each single note of the selected chord to make even more amazing harmonies


Apply arpeggio on your chords or use custom melodic expressions played by musicians

Full chord customization

Change root note, mode and extensions of your chords, and understand the relations of the chord with the key you’ve selected

Chord transposition

Change key and transpose every chord you have in the timeline

Borrow chords from other modes

Horucco removes constraints. It allows you to use chords from other modes to make your progressions even more interesting

Real time cloud based collaboration

Share songs with your friends, your teacher or band colleagues allowing them to receive instant in-app updates as you make changes to your composition. Export songs as MIDI files and work with them in Ableton, Garage Band or any other digital audio workstation.